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Bed Bugs Tips

10  helpful things to know 


Make sure you really have bed bugs, not fleas or ticks or other insects

              You can verify your insect on our or check with your  pest control tech.  Co

              Don’t panic

Eliminating bed bugs is difficult, but it is not impossible. Don’t throw 


 out all of your belongings; most of them can be treated and saved. Throwing out belongings is costly, may spread the infestation, and could be unnecessarily stressful.

              Think through your treatment options -- Don’t immediately reach for the spray can

              Be comprehensive in your approach. Integrated pest management techniques may reduce bed bug populations and limit pesticide exposure to you and your family. If pesticide treatment is needed, it is best to bring in a professional. There is help available to learn about integrated options.

              Reduce the number of hiding places -- Clean up the clutter

              A cluttered home provides more places for bed bugs to hide and makes locating and treating for them more difficult. If bed bugs are in your mattress, using a mattress/box spring encasements makes it more difficult them to get to you while you sleep. To be effective they must be left in place for a year. Be sure to buy a product that has been tested for bed bugs and is strong enough to last for the full year without tearing.

              Frequently wash and heat-dry your bed linens

              Wash bedspreads, and clothing that touches the floor to reduce bed bug populations. Bed bugs and their eggs can hide in laundry containers/hampers so clean them when you do the laundry.

              Do-it-yourself freezing is not usually reliable for bed bug control

              While freezing can effectively kill bed bugs; temperatures must remain extremely low for an extended period of time. Home freezers typically are not cold enough to kill bed bugs. Freezing temperatures outside may be used to kill bed bugs, but can take several days (at 00 F) to almost a week (at 20oF).

              High temperatures can kill bed bugs

              Raising the indoor temperature with the thermostat or space heaters won’t do the job, though. Space heaters must always be used with care, as they have the potential to cause fires and serious burns. Specialized equipment and very high temperatures are required to successfully heat treat a structure. Black plastic bags in the sun might work to kill bed bugs in luggage or small items, provided the contents become hot enough (approximately 110oF for at least 3 hours).

              Don’t pass your bed bugs on to others

              Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers. If you throw out a piece of furniture that is harboring bed bugs, take steps to destroy the item so that no one else adopts it (along with the bugs!).

              Reduce populations to reduce bites

              Thorough vacuuming reduces populations. Carefully vacuum rugs, floors, under beds, around bed legs, bed frames, and all cracks and crevices around the room. Thoroughly vacuum upholstered furniture. Change the bag after each use so the bed bugs can’t escape. Place the used bag in a tightly sealed plastic bag and in an outside garbage bin.

              Turn to the professionals, if needed

               Hiring an experienced, responsible pest control professional can increase the likelihood and the speed of success in eliminating bed bugs from your home. If you hire an expert, ensure it is company with a reputable history. Contact your State pesticide Agency  for guidance about hiring professional pest control companies. 




Milford Beagle Sniffs Out Bed Bugs 





A Milford woman has put her dog to work to sniff out bed bugs around town. Addie the Beagle is known as the canine bed bug detective. She's trained and paid to find the creepy critters so people can get rid of them.  





Dog Sniffs Out Bed Bugs


Health News


Bed bugs are becoming a huge problem here in Michigan but one local company has a secret weapon in the fight against those creepy crawlers.

Oakland County based Bedbug K9 Detectives uses a dog named “Addie” to sniff out the insects


Maureen Abbott is the owner and explains how the dog gets the job done…”We’ll do a walk through the home, following a special search pattern, and when Addie detects a bed bug, she scratches. And that’s how I know there’s a bed bug. I have to watch her and she looks to me for guidance.” 

 Maureen says her company gets calls from other pest control companies who need her help to eradicate the bed bugs when their methods don’t work. 

She says “Addie” is 97% accurate in locating bed bugs.For more info click on www.bedbugk9.net.

(Copyright 2010 WWJ Radio.  All Rights Reserved.)


A leading pest control company has released a list of the 15 most bedbug-infested cities, and New York, Philadelphia, and Detroit have scratched their way to the top.


Detroit Tops National Bedbug List

My FOX Detroit.com Staff

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Bloodsucking bedbugs are biting in New York, and Philadelphia, and all over Ohio.

The pest control company Terminix released Tuesday a list of the 15 most bedbug-infested cities, based on an analysis of call volume reporting bedbug infestations and of confirmed bedbug cases reported by sales professionals in 350 of the company's service centers.

The Big Apple topped the list, followed by Philly and Detroit.  Ohio has four cities in the top 15 -- Cincinnati is fourth, Columbus is seventh, Dayton is eighth, and Cleveland is 14th.

Bedbugs can be found in mattresses, furniture and clothing, and they feed off animal and human blood.  Insect scientists say bedbugs are showing up on a scale not seen since before World War II, due to the rise in international travel and the elimination of certain chemicals once used to fight them.  High-traffic areas such as hotels, airplanes, and cruise ships are especially prone to infestations.                 Bedbugs have been found in the Empire State Building, along with theaters, clothing      stores,office buildings, housing projects, and apartments in New York.  An outbreak of the  quick-breeding bedbugs ended a 4-H science camp on the campus of North Carolina Wesleyan College earlier this month.  And, in northern Kentucky, the Boone County Public Library brings in a dog four times a year to sniff out the pests.                                                 

In Ohio, the Department of Agriculture is seeking federal approval for its residents to use Propoxur, an industrial-strength pesticide, to attack bedbugs.  But the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says it is concerned about children being exposed to Propoxur, because EPA research has found their nervous systems could be harmed.                                         

Terminix recommends that travelers check headboards and mattresses for bedbugs and the dark blood spots they leave behind.  Baggage should be stored far from the bed and clothing should be hung rather than placed in hotel drawers or left lying on hotel furniture.       

After a trip, people should vacuum suitcases and wash clothes in hot water.

The EPA, which held a summit on the critters in April, warns consumers not to treat the problem on their own or use strong outdoor pesticides to get rid of bedbugs.

Other cities rounding out the list are Chicago, fifth; Denver, sixth; Washington, ninth; Los Angeles, 10th; Boston, 11th; Indianapolis, 12th; Louisville, 13th; and Minneapolis, 15th.

"It's the bedbug problems in cities like Dayton and Louisville that prove bedbugs are back and can pop up anywhere," said Paul Curtis, an entomologist.  "The bedbug problems in these cities outpace markets of far greater size despite their having a fraction of the population and typically fewer travelers and hotels."

Copyright AP Modified, Copyright 2010 The Associated Press.  All rights reserved.  This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.






Bed Bugs Invade Michigan Area;


State Launches Pest Site


West Michigan Exterminators Getting More Calls



Lindsay Kus FOX 17 News


July 19, 2010

KALAMAZOO - "Don't let the bed bugs bite," now has a completely new meaning.

It is a creepy crawly problem that is making a comeback in

These nocturnal insects are on the rise in our area.

Local exterminators are getting an overload of bed bug calls from hotels, condos, and apartments.

The state of
Michigan recently launched a public site offering guidance for bed bug control.

We have actually been a lot of really bad situations with overrun infestation of insects.

The insects are hitchhikers that have to latch on to people or things and they love a good mattress to lay their eggs in.

Itchy yet?

The adult bugs lay one to five eggs a day that hatch in about a week and in six to eight weeks, those baby bugs start laying eggs too.

 Bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding and are difficult to detect because they only come out at night.

The adults are about the size of an apple seed, but the eggs are almost impossible to see.

The bites look like a typical mosquito bite and only impact half of population.

Although the bites are not harmful and go away, an infestation is really difficult to get rid of.

In addition to chemical treatment, pest controls either have to freeze the critters or cook them at high temperatures.

Extreme heat will kill all stages of bed bug life cycle within 24 hours but you must get every single egg

Copyright © 2010, FOX 17 - West Michigan's FOX

Michigan  the Detroit Free Press

Local news main: Detroit | Oakland | Wayne | Macomb | Michigan |

Posted: 6:13 a.m. July 16, 2010


Bed bugs are public concern in





    •  State health officials have launched a website on bed bugs, in response to what they say is widespread public concern about the bloodsucking insects.


The Michigan Department of Community Health says the site for renters, homeowners, facility managers, and other.  Government Agencies the Michigan Department of Community Health says the site for renters, homeowners, facility managers and other government agencies.

The site offers guidance on best practices for bed bug control.

It is the result of collaboration among the state departments of Public Health, Agriculture, and Labor and Economic Growth, as well as the Property Managers Association of Michigan, Michigan Pest Management Association, and the state's Lodging and Tourism Association.

Bed bugs hide in tight cracks on or near people's beds, and come out at night to bite.

The site offers guidance on best practices for bed bug control.

It is the result of collaboration among the state departments of Public Health, Agriculture, and Labor and Economic Growth, as well as the Property Managers Association of Michigan, Michigan Pest Management Association, and the state's Lodging and Tourism Association.

Bed bugs hide in tight cracks on or near people's beds, and come out at night to bite.

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MORE   Local News Pontiac Mich.


Tenants Say Bed Bugs


Ruining Homes


 Carriage Circle Apartments Being Fumigated


POSTED: Thursday, July 8, 2010


UPDATED: 7:34 pm EDT July 8, 2010

PONTIAC, Mich. -- Tenants at the Pontiac Carriage Circle apartment building said they would rather move out than battle the bed bugs that are moving in.

Watch:   Bed Bugs Crawling In Pontiac Apartments

Tenant Christy Friday said she has lived in the apartment for six years.

"Every time I see one, I collect them," Friday said, holding up a plastic bag with bugs inside.  "At night you can feel them, you really can.  They are so small and tiny but you can feel them."

Friday’s neighbor, Lorraine Carter, said she is tired of the tiny attacks on her body.

"I've gotten bitten on the face, I've got bitten on the arm," she said.

The tenants said the housing commission is not taking the issue seriously, even when there are children and infants with bites.

Franklin Hatchett, director of the housing commission, acknowledged the bugs but said he thinks something else is to blame.

"With most bed bug situations there's also a house keeping situation," he said.

The building has been fumigated and “bug bombed,” but Hatchett said tenants need to also do their part as well.

"We can fumigate all we want to, but if you still got clutter, if you still not taking care of the house keeping, you're going to continue to have the same problem over and over again," he said.

Friday and Carter said they are happy some steps are being taken, but that they are embarrassed to have visitors.

"Saturday my son came to visit with my grandson.  He was sitting in the chair and one crawled up on his neck and bit him," Carter said.  "Then, he had another one on his pants and he flicked it off."

Hatchett said tenants who have a problem with the bugs should come forward because the more the problem is documented; the more federal funding the building could receive to help fumigate.


Copyright 2010 by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  All rights reserved.  This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


Check our Video on the Oakland Press!

See Below


“Addie” the beagle mix has a special talent — she is trained to find Bedbugs.

“You can see her sniffing and looking up at me for guidance,” said Maureen Abbott of Milford Township, Addie’s owner.  “She only alerts on live Bedbugs and viable eggs.”

At one time, Addie was stuck in a shelter, waiting to be adopted.

While Maureen doesn’t know much else about Addie’s history, it was thanks to Maureen’s desire to work with dogs that led to the two of  them coming together.

I saw a program on the National Geographic channel, about dogs that detected Bedbugs Maureen said.  “It was just so fascinating to watch them in action with such purpose.”  She thought it was a good opportunity to venture out and do something unique.  A year later and hours of researching the idea, Maureen and her husband, Michael, contacted a Florida dog training facility that specializes in preparing dogs for jobs like sniffing out Bedbugs.  

“We wanted a smaller dog so she could get into small places, Maureen said.  “The training facility searched rescue shelters and looked for a few months for the type of dog they wanted and we waited until they found one.”

Once she completed her portion of the training, the Abbotts met her in Florida for some training of their own.  “It was like a boot camp,” Maureen said.  “It was rigorous, very tough.”  

Maureen and Mike said they both learned a lot about dogs, particularly how they look to people for guidance and leadership.  They are looking at you and picking up on your vibes.  They totally react to how you feel your emotions.  They can tell if you’re upset, frustrated, and anxious or just not into it,” Maureen said.

Addie trains twice a day, every day — finding vials of live Bedbugs and eggs hidden in order to receive her meals.  She is “Fantastic” Maureen said.  “We just Love her. I tell her everyday how smart she is and she loves to prove me right .“

More News

Bed Bugs - Unwanted Summer Vacation Souvenirs

Monday, June 07, 2010

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) issues a warning to millions of Americans who plan to travel this summer – beware of the bed bug. The NPMA has seen a 71 percent increase in bed bug infestations since 2001, mainly due to international travel. These “hitchhiking” pests can easily travel home with people in their suitcases. While bed bugs do not transmit diseases, their bites can become red, itchy welts.

“Travelers can unknowingly bring bed bugs into their homes, giving the pests a new place to live and feed,” said Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs for NPMA. “Bed bugs multiply quickly and can be difficult to eliminate. We advise travelers to keep a few bed bug prevention tips in mind to avoid this most unwanted trip souvenir.”

A bed bug infestation is not a sign of unclean or unsanitary conditions. Bed bugs don’t discriminate and have been found in world class hotels and budget properties alike and wealthy neighborhoods as well as less affluent communities.

To prevent bed bug infestations, travelers should remember the following tips from NPMA:

  • Pull back the hotel bed sheets and inspect the mattress seams, particularly the corners, for telltale brownish or reddish spots.
  • Thoroughly inspect the entire room before unpacking. Do not put your luggage on the bed.
  • If you change rooms, but choose to stay in the same establishment, be sure your new room is not adjacent to the possibly infested room.
  • Use a large plastic bag to store your luggage.
  • When you return home, inspect and vacuum your suitcases thoroughly before bringing them into the house. 
  • Wash all your clothes – whether worn or not - in hot water.
  •  If you suspect a bed bug infestation, contact a licensed pest professional.



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Today Show Consumer Smarts Dog-Gone Bedbugs

Future of Bedbugs Dogs on the Hunt

  • Interesting VIDEOS Graphic Bedbug Details

National Geographic

 Bed Bugs Attack! 

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Bedbugs at 4-Star Hotels 








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Выбери одну, сказал он, предлагая ей карту.

Мы не единственные живые существа на земле.

Одежда обоих была пыльной и "Путеводитель Хакасия" носила следы путешествия.

Рейф подъехал, когда солдаты Домино "Спайдервик Хроники Полная версия" вязали бандитов и "Иконопись" освобождали пленных.

Я снял ключ и быстро заглянул за деревянную дверь справа, "Семена для души" обнаружив большой бочонок "Теория государства и права Схемы с комментариями" с водой, ковш и различные блюда, кружки, утварь.

Это дар "Кексы" небес, что он не забрал Камень.

Так мы "Компенсация морального вреда" и сделали, и по мере того, "Художественная резьба по дереву Татьянка Т.3 Учеб. пособ." как мы приближались, крики становились все слышнее.

Ведь в конце концов "Оценка компаний при слияниях и поглощениях" его план увенчался успехом, и вообще сейчас не "Любовь и секс Энциклопедия для супругов и любовников" время сводить счеты.

В перерыве Корал ухитрилась передать "Крыса-любовь" мне записку, кричащую, что ей "Управление качеством. Учебное пособие" необходимо меня видеть, назначающую время и место и даже включающую небольшую "Книга приворотов и заговоров на все случаи жизни" карту-абрис.

Я стараюсь работать с тем, что "История стилей в искусстве" стоит на месте, сказала она ему.

Четыре фигуры чуть сгорбились, взявшись "самые маленькие ставки по автокредитам" за ручки гроба.

Машины занимаются любовью посредством человека "Комикс Музыка Марии Т.1" , но произошли многочисленные обмены функциями, и "Доверительное управление имуществом в сфере предпринимательства" получилось так, что они обычно любят "Из Индии с любовью" духовно.

А ты обязан мне в приличном обучении.

На пьедестале в углу, "вклады белгород" рядом с ним, припало к земле природное божество тонко вырезанное "Огонь с юга" из некоего желтоватого-белого материала около восемнадцати дюймов в высоту.

На "Пиратская книга" меня это не подействует, отвергло мое предложение существо.

Джерри вошел во внутрь "рефераты по психологии на тему память" и к радости обнаружил, что внутри воздух "н.с.лесков человек на часах краткое содержание" был чище, нежели на улице.

Я указал на "sun is up скачать" Ли Пяо, который уже приготовил свою чашу.

Он был "скачать я водяной я водяной" неформальным лидером среди контингента наемников-людей, который "скачать клип чумачечая весна" теперь сократился до "Волшебное тесто" него самого и юнца, который сообщил, что он из Бруклина.

В ресторане "а.и.куприн гранатовый браслет краткое содержание" этого клуба в "краткое содержание палата номер 6 чехов" одной из маленьких уютных кабинок сидел уже "краткое содержание выстрел краткое содержание" знакомый нам рыжий демон, Аззи Элбаб.

А теперь нам пора убираться отсюда, да поскорее.

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